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Product description: NEBOSH, OSHA IOSH Course Zafarwal3335674192 in Sialkot , Pakistan. AIMMS has reached an MOU with a US Virginia State Based American Institute, American Learn

NEBOSH, OSHA IOSH Course Zafarwal3335674192 in Sialkot

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NEBOSH OSHA IOSH Course Zafarwal3335674192 in Pakistan

Posted: 26/07/2016
Contact Person: Muzammil Ali
Phone No.: +923335674192
Location: Sialkot
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Price: PKR 90000
NEBOSH, OSHA IOSH Course Zafarwal3335674192

AIMMS has reached an MOU with a US Virginia State Based American Institute, American Learning Center which is working since 1998 and carries a good reputation and professional academic excellence. It operates on campus basis and Distance Education Basis. It is engaged in issuing General to PGD Diplomas, in multiple fields like health, engineering and management. Besides it is also registered with a UK body ASIC, which gives an exceptional status to its programs. In addition AIMMS is also working with a UK body registered in the UK with name of UKAP and issues same types of Diplomas for AIMMS in multiple fields duly attested by DTEC and notary public on demand. O333-5674192, O51-9238643 The course contents IGC1 (Written Paper) Element1: Foundations in Health safety Element 2: H&S Management Systems-Policy Element 3: H&S Management Systems-Organizing Element 4: H&S Management Systems-Planning Element 5: H&S Management Systems-Measuring, Audit & Review IGC2 (Written Paper) Element 1: Workplace Hazards & Risk Control Element2: Transport Hazards & Risk Control Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards & Risk Control Element 4: Work equipment Hazards & Risk Control Element 5: Fire Hazards & Risk Control Element 6: Fire Safety Element 7: Chemical and biological Health Hazards & Risk Control Element 8: Physical and Psychological Health Hazards & Risk Control IGC3 (Report) Practical Assessment (Report) Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Rahim Yar Khan, Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Sadiqabad, Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Bahawalpur, Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Sheikhupura, Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Charsadda, Nebosh Ternational General Certificate Risalpur, Nebosh Igc Rawalpdi, Nebosh Igc Islamabad, Nebosh Igc Lahore, Nebosh Igc Karachi, Nebosh Igc Peshawar, Nebosh Igc Quetta, Nebosh Igc Wah Cantt, Nebosh Igc Murree, Nebosh Igc Kotli, Nebosh Igc Mirpur, Nebosh Igc Kahuta, Nebosh Igc Gujar Khan, Nebosh Igc Sohawa, Nebosh Igc Da, Nebosh Igc Jhelum, Nebosh Igc Kharian, Nebosh Igc Gujrat, Nebosh Igc Gujranwala, Nebosh Igc Kasur, Nebosh Igc Faisalabad, Nebosh Igc Sargodha, Nebosh Igc Khushab, Nebosh Igc Mianwali, Nebosh Igc Talagang, Nebosh Igc Pdigheb, Nebosh Igc Attock, Nebosh Igc Taxila, Nebosh Igc Abbottabad, Nebosh Igc Mansehra, Nebosh Igc Muzaffarabad, Nebosh Igc Bagh, Nebosh Igc Rawlakot, Nebosh Igc Hajira, Nebosh Igc Mgora, Nebosh Igc Mardan, Nebosh Igc Swabi, Nebosh Igc Nowshera, Nebosh Igc Bannu, Nebosh Igc Kohat, Nebosh Igc Dera Ismail Khan, Nebosh Igc Dera Ghazi Khan, Nebosh Igc Rahim Yar Khan, Nebosh Igc Sadiqabad, Nebosh Igc Bahawalpur, Nebosh Igc Sheikhupura, Nebosh Igc Charsadda, Nebosh Igc Risalpur, Nebosh Diploma Rawalpdi, Nebosh Diploma Islamabad, Nebosh Diploma Lahore, Nebosh Diploma Karachi, Nebosh Diploma Peshawar, Nebosh Diploma Quetta, Nebosh Diploma Wah Cantt, Nebosh Diploma Murree, Nebosh Diploma Kotli, Nebosh Diploma Mirpur, Nebosh Diploma Kahuta, Nebosh Diploma Gujar Khan, Nebosh Diploma Sohawa, Nebosh Diploma Da, Nebosh Diploma Jhelum, Nebosh Diploma Kharian, Nebosh Diploma Gujrat, Nebosh Diploma Gujranwala, Nebosh Diploma Kasur, Nebosh Diploma Faisalabad, Nebosh Diploma Sargodha, Nebosh Diploma Khushab, Nebosh Diploma Mianwali, Nebosh Diploma Talagang, Nebosh Diploma Pdigheb, Nebosh Diploma Attock, Nebosh Diploma Taxila, Nebosh Diploma Abbottabad, Nebosh Diploma Mansehra, Nebosh Diploma Muzaffarabad, Nebosh Diploma Bagh, Nebosh Diploma Rawlakot, Nebosh Diploma Hajira, Nebosh Diploma Mgora, Nebosh Diploma Mardan, Nebosh Diploma Swabi, Nebosh Diploma Nowshera, Nebosh Diploma Bannu, Nebosh Diploma Kohat, Nebosh Diploma Dera Ismail Khan, Nebosh 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Nebosh Course Swabi, Nebosh Course Nowshera, Nebosh Course Bannu, Nebosh Course Kohat, Nebosh Course Dera Ismail Khan, Nebosh Course Dera Ghazi Khan, Nebosh Course Rahim Yar Khan, Nebosh Course Sadiqabad, Nebosh Course Bahawalpur, Nebosh Course Sheikhupura, Nebosh Course Charsadda, Nebosh Course Risalpur, Nebosh Certificate Rawalpdi, Nebosh Certificate Islamabad, Nebosh Certificate Lahore, Nebosh Certificate Karachi, Nebosh Certificate Peshawar, Nebosh Certificate Quetta, Nebosh Certificate Wah Cantt, Nebosh Certificate Murree, Nebosh Certificate Kotli, Nebosh Certificate Mirpur, Nebosh Certificate Kahuta, Nebosh Certificate Gujar Khan, Nebosh Certificate Sohawa, Nebosh Certificate Da, Nebosh Certificate Jhelum, Nebosh Certificate Kharian, Nebosh Certificate Gujrat, Nebosh Certificate Gujranwala, Nebosh Certificate Kasur, Nebosh Certificate Faisalabad, Nebosh Certificate Sargodha, Nebosh Certificate Khushab, Nebosh Certificate Mianwali, Nebosh Certificate Talagang, Nebosh Certificate Pdigheb, Nebosh Certificate Attock, Nebosh Certificate Taxila, Nebosh Certificate Abbottabad, Nebosh Certificate Mansehra, Nebosh Certificate Muzaffarabad, Nebosh Certificate Bagh, Nebosh Certificate Rawlakot, Nebosh Certificate Hajira, Nebosh Certificate Mgora, Nebosh Certificate Mardan, Nebosh Certificate Swabi, Nebosh Certificate Nowshera, Nebosh Certificate Bannu, Nebosh Certificate Kohat, Nebosh Certificate Dera Ismail Khan, Nebosh Certificate Dera Ghazi Khan, Nebosh Certificate Rahim Yar Khan, Nebosh Certificate Sadiqabad, Nebosh Certificate Bahawalpur, Nebosh Certificate Sheikhupura, Nebosh Certificate Charsadda, Nebosh Certificate Risalpur For Registration Contact Us: O333-5674192, O51-9238643 Address: - Hajji Camp Road Purana Passport House No. 5, Golrha More Chowk Rawal Pindi/ Islam Abad.(M)
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Name: Muzammil Ali
Phone: +923335674192
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NEBOSH, OSHA IOSH Course Zafarwal3335674192 in Sialkot